The Self Build Dream


I’m thinking I should buy this book.

The dream – to build a house to live in in Cyprus and cultivate a vineyard on site to create a source of income.

Ambitious? Yes

Scary? Yes

Achievable? I hope so!

A few years back, I wanted to build a house of straw as it has excellent qualities for insulation and is relatively cheap.  Unfortunately, Cyprus apparently has no engineers that are familiar with this type of build which means the building would never get signed off for official purposes.  We can’t take the risk of building something that may eventually have to be pulled down again.  So this is no longer an option.

But, taking a step back.  Before you build a house, you need somewhere to build it.


All going well – this is where it will be (sorry for such a grainy picture).

The land has been passed to me from my dad (who is from Cyprus).  It is classed as Agricultural land, so it does not guarantee we will be able to a build residential house on it.  However, preliminary enquiries made by our architect have confirmed that, as long as we don’t have any residential land in our names, we should get the permits to build.  Furthermore, if our plans include developing the land for agriculture, the government would want to support this, not hinder it.

The land is on the outskirts of a small village in the Limassol district.  It currently has no proper road to it (only dirt tracks), no electricity and no water.

These are just the start of the issues we need to investigate and think about.

The first few steps have now been taken….only a few million more to go!


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