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As I’ve mentioned before, we have been very lucky when it comes to land.  My father owned a significant amount of land for years which he passed to myself and siblings about 10 years ago.

Up until recently, I’ve never really considered any of the land appropriate for building a home on, due to location.  However, as I’ve grown older, ideas developed and the land we are now looking to use should work for us.

I’ve always wanted to build a house in Cyprus for as long as I can remember, but the vineyard – that has developed, say in the last year, when considering the land we had and how best to use it.  Plus, having been on a couple of tours round some local wineries here in the UK – that’s definitely something I can get used to!!  Wine and great views – what’s not to like!

Using what we have though, does mean we will need to overcome a few extra barriers that might not have existed had we purchased land for our intended purpose.  Here are a few pointers that I’ve identified so far – these may be unique to Cyprus, but I believe they probably apply a lot more widely:

  • Zoning – building restrictions apply depending on the category of land.  If you are going to build a residential house, it may be best to buy land already classed as residential land.  This would allow you to build on a higher % of the land – sometimes up as high as the high 90’s.  Ours is agricultural land, meaning we can only build on 10%;
  • Roads – purchasing land with direct road access is a lot easier than not.  It also makes it easier for builders and deliveries to access the plot.  Currently ours does not and we are waiting to find out if we need to build a road (as opposed to using the existing ‘dirt track’) before any building can start.  This adds time and expense to any project;
  • Amenities – in an ideal world, purchase land that already has electricity and water as a minimum.  Ours has neither, so we need to explore options.  Connecting these from the mains will be another costly expense.  The plus side, is that it is forcing me to start investigating how to live off grid!  If this can be achieved, our regular outgoings will be significantly reduced.

I am sure there are more things, but I would say these are the top 3 things to take into account when purchasing land to start building on.


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