Permissions and Perasma


On Friday I received some news that I thought was bad…..which caused a grumpy weekend.  Our architect told me; a) our land is too far away from a main road and b) we wouldn’t be able to build a house on the land because it is too far from the residential zone.

As I said, this resulted in a very grumpy weekend, resigning myself to having to buy somewhere already built – and trying to figure out how to claw a deposit together.  No built house compares to the one I have in my head though (in our price range).

The architect did say that if we were planning to build a winery (which we are) then we could start with that and show on the plans a small house for ‘workers’.  I was also then trying to figure out in my head how this would work.

But happy Monday, she clarified this morning that we can still build the house first, as long as we submit plans for both – the house and winery.  Oh the relief.

However, before we go any further, I need to get a πέρασμα (Perasma) which means ‘passage’.  This is where all the land owners between us and the road sign over a small piece of their land to allow us passage to our land – basically – I need to ensure we have access to our own property!

So that’s the next step – will be getting onto our solicitor in the morning!



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